LK is committed to helping both new and existing customers to be more competitive in market by improving product quality, optimizing production cost and efficiency, and advancing up-to-date technology. Our goal is to assist our customers to develop and implement well-planned production models.

LK delivers one-stop solutions to its customers from concept to implementation. Our innovative and professional engineering team is dedicated to providing high level support in R&D, product design, validation and testing, thus being highly recognized by the industry in mechanical engineering, production engineering, environmental and technology development. Our dedicated engineering team and excellent products convincingly demonstrates LK's strengths.
LK is an industry leader holding over one hundred global patents reflecting its innovative spirit and shared vision of a world class organization. Our customers have benefited through our commitment to new technology.
Vertical Integration

LK’s vertical manufacturing, integration and optimization utilize a structured approach to machine manufacturing which differentiates LK Machinery in the industry.

We ensure the manufacturing process through the ownership and control of our proprietary foundry, metallurgy, CNC manufacturing as well as all key components. Our manufacturing optimization engineers’ focus on thoroughly evaluating different facilities, infrastructure options and equipment strategies in order to maximize operating efficiency, insure product quality and reduce costs.

Precise Capability
LK’s machining technology and accuracy is proven and supported with our CNC machine tool centers. Our dedication to precise manufacturing and update production technology makes our machines more reliable and durable for the benefits of quality, consistency, and high output per capital. Our precise capability and high standard are well-received by customers.
Single Source Responsibility
LK's approach to single source responsibility provides the one-stop solutions to our customers. The true value and advantages enable our customers to reduce critical time-to-market, resulting in better profitability for our customers. Single source responsibility also reduces costs and secondary operations. Our goal is to enable our customers to be more competitive in the global market.
Warranty & Services

Our customers can be assured that the machines they purchased are supported by excellence in design, engineering and manufacturing. The focus of our warranty is machine’s Quality, Reliability and Life-Time technical support.

All machine components are engineered and manufactured to meet stringent quality and precise specifications. Our assembly process is designed to include rigid inspection at all stages including extensive dry cycle testing prior to final acceptance and shipment. Our customer service team operates 24/7 for immediate assistance, troubleshooting or coordinating spare parts shipments.

Spare Parts

The distinct advantage we have is with the selection of global suppliers furnishing our components. The impressive supply base includes Bosch Rexroth, Siemens, KEBA, Schneider, Eaton, Yuken and Parker components. Downtime is unacceptable! Our high quality standards minimize downtime and maximize customer productivity. Our global parts inventory is extensive and covers the installed machine base in all regions, spare parts and service inquiry will be responded within 24 hours.